California Lovin'

This past week we loaded up our car and set out for the 10 hour drive to Newport for our one and only vacation this summer. We spent the week with the Reynolds clan shopping, eating, playing on the beach, and soaking up some much needed sunshine.

The Reynolds have spent numerous summers in Newport staying in beach houses right on the boardwalk, and I used to go with my girlfriends during High School (I missed you all dearly), so we were all thrilled to get back there. We ate at all of our favorites places—Sharkies, TK Burgers, Charlie’s Chilis, Jane’s corndogs, and we all about ate our weight in Seaside donuts. Needless to say, we brought back a few extra lbs in addition to our suntans. But as Justin likes to put it…tan fat is better than white fat :) Right? 

We shopped and shopped and shopped at Fashion Island, Huntington Beach, the Las Vegas outlets, and all the little shops on the boardwalk. And I almost brought home a little puppy Maltese that we named Mo, but Justin wouldn’t let me. And yes, I do expect all of you to give him a hard time about this when you see him. Because it broke my heart. But no worries, I spent half the drive home on my phone searching the KSL classifieds for a new one :) All in good time...

 We spent everyday laying out on the beach just soaking up the sun, sleeping, and reading. I finally read The Help, a book I’ve been dying to read forever but just haven’t had the time. But I was determined to finish it before the movie comes out, and I absolutely loved it. Seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

On Wednesday we woke up at the crack of dawn to head to…DISNEYLAND!!! I haven’t been to Disneyland in years and it’s one of my very favorite places…so I was giddy like a little girl the whole way there. We were there from open to close and I loved every minute of it. Justin may have had his Disney fix for the next few years (he gets a tad but queasy on the rides) but I already can’t wait until I get to go back with my little kids. It truly is the happiest place on Earth :)

A tab bit wet from Splash Mountain...

And one of the best parts of our trip? We got to spend a day with our good friends the Clevengers! Bryan and Amy are Justin’s good friends from college, and are probably the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Plus their baby McKay is a doll. I couldn’t get enough of his blue eyes and chunky little legs. The Clevengers drove a whole four hours from their home in Fresno just to spend the day with us and we were so glad they did. Plus our good friends the Nielsen’s were there for the week just four streets away, so we got to hang out with Dave and Mckell too. We love you all!

Now we’re finally home and back to real life. We’ve got about four loads of laundry to do and lots of homework to catch up on, but it was 100% worth it. We loved every minute of our trip and just wish we could’ve stayed longer. Thanks Corinne and Terry for such a fun week! We love you so much!


4th of July weekend.

This weekend was way too much fun. It was my first weekend without work in I don't know how long, and Justin and I got to spend whole three days celebrating and playing with our families. Friday night we went out to Olive Garden with the entire Reynolds clan to celebrate Grandma Reynolds' 81st birthday, and then went back to her house for some cake and ice cream and visiting. 

Saturday night we were able to go to the Stadium of Fire (thanks to my parents for the tickets...love you mom and dad!) to listen to some David Archuleta and Brad Paisley all from the 12th row. Not a huge Archuleta fan, but I have a major crush on Brad Paisley, so I was loving it (as was my mother, who kept running up to the very front to try to touch him. Love her and her country men crushes.) And then for the fireworks!

Sunday, after sleeping in until 11 and then also taking a long nap after church, we set out to Provo for the annual Knaphus family 4th of July sleepover. Every year my mom's side of the family gets together to eat, play games, watch a movie on the projector outside, set up our tents for the sleepover, and eat a big breakfast in the morning. Justin and I weren't able to stay for the sleepover due to Justin's boy scout duties at home, but we got to sit and visit with everyone while they ate and sang happy birthday to my big brother Joey. Happy birthday Joe! Love you big guy :)

On Monday our original plan was to go swimming at my parents house and attempt to get some kind of basic tan before our Newport trip in a couple of weeks, but since it ended up being cloudy and rainy we went up to Park City for some shopping with Corinne, Chris, and Cami instead. Then it was back to the Reynolds for a BBQ, and then to my parents house to see my family. I'll be honest, I was mostly just excited about being able to play with this little guy. I can't get enough of him.

And tonight we decided that we weren't quite ready to end our vacation, so after work Justin and I decided to ignore everything that we needed to get done and make dinner, cuddle in the lovesac and watch Tangled, and then set out for our favorite ice cream place--Golden Spoon.

Such a great weekend! And to make it even better...

Introducing the future Mrs. Barrus! My very best friend Ali Kay Heaps (also my cousin-in-law, how great is that?) got engaged this weekend and I could not be happier for her! She's an absolutely incredible person and deserves the very best. She and her fiance Mikey make such an adorable couple and I love them both. So happy for them!

Love you Al :)