Ten beautiful, warm sunny days in Cancun. We spent every single day sleeping in, sitting on the beach, playing in the ocean, and eating lots of yummy food.


Oh how we loved the bus. We rode it everywhere.

A night out on the town...



Valentine's Day dinner...steak and lobster on the Lagoon  :)

And for our last night, we were craving something American. So Hard Rock burgers it was.

Our last day there and of course it was the nicest. Typical. We both thought that after ten days we'd be more than ready to get home, but neither of us wanted to leave. It was such a fun week and a half and it couldn't have been any better.


Wedding Video

 No pictures yet...but we do have the video! My good friend Hailey Haugen and her brother Trevor of Haugen Creative are the masterminds behind this one, and they are absolutely incredible. It was such a happy day and they captured it perfectly. Enjoy!



And I'm Back.

Yes, I am back to the blogging world. I haven't blogged since my last few weeks in London, which was in December, and I'll be honest...I've missed it. The past six months of mine and Justin's lives have been crazy. Since July we have gotten engaged, lived in and visited India, Singapore, London, Paris, Wales, and Spain, celebrated our first Christmas together, gotten married, and gone on our honeymoon. Now, a month after the wedding, things have finally settled down and we're getting used to "normal" life. Justin is back to work, I start my new job tomorrow, and I'll be back to school at the end of April (which I am absolutely thrilled about. Call me a nerd, but I'm counting down the days.) We've finally moved in to our house in Sandy and we're loving it. We also love visitors, so please, stop by anytime. We'll let you sit in the corner of our sectional and feed you large portions of left-over wedding cake. Life is good right now, and I really don't think either of us could ask for anything more at the moment. And for our far away friends, pictures and video of the wedding will be posted shortly. It's good to be back!