Baby baby baby

Justin and I are so, so happy to announce that we are having a baby! After a year of trying, surgery in January, and a miscarriage in March, this has been one emotional roller coaster that I'm glad is over (for the most part…if you exclude my occasional crying breakdowns due to the hormones. Poor Justin.) We are due March 14th and found out a couple of weeks ago that we're having a little girl.

We had a small get together with our families to reveal the gender, and it was perfect. We enjoyed a laid back BBQ in my parents backyard, and cut into the cake for dessert. Everyone is thrilled that we're having a girl--Justin's family because our new niece Cici will be getting a built-in best friend, and my family because my sister has a little boy that we all adore and they're excited to get to experience the girly side of baby shopping. Justin knew all along she was a she, and I was convinced she was a he. He was right, I was wrong, yadda yadda yadda.

The first couple of months were rough, I was nauseous and my usual migraines got worse. I even passed out in the middle of Home Depot, much to the dismay of the three men in orange helping me with a project. They called an ambulance and took such good care of me, and since Justin was out of town on a business trip and my family was in Lake Powell, my sweet father-in-law ended up taking me to my OBGYN for a check up. Baby was unharmed, and Terry earned a billion brownie points for sitting in the waiting room for so long. 

I'm now 17 weeks along and feeling great. I've finally figured out a good eating schedule (basically lots of food ALL DAY LONG with snacks in-between) and lots of rest once I get home from work. Now that I'm no longer feeling sick I'm just enjoying being pregnant and impatiently waiting for my bump to get bigger. I love going to my monthly appointments and hearing my little girl's heartbeat, and I'm constantly on the search for new baby names. Any suggestions are gladly accepted!

Justin and I are selling our house and getting ready to build in Bluffdale, so we have a lot of changes coming our way. Life is crazy but so happy, and we're excited for the next few months that we have to look forward to. Baby girl can't come soon enough!