Memorial Day Weekend + a new car.

This weekend, Justin and I FINALLY had some time for some sleep, relaxation, and lots and lots of family time. Our lives are super busy these days with work, school, and the house, and to finally get a long weekend with nothing that we had to get done was fabulous. We've loved every minute of it. 

Friday night we went to the temple with my parents, then my dad introduced us to Salt City Burgers for dinner, which was incredible. I highly recommend the garlic burger and sweet potato fries. I was in heaven.

Saturday after homework and yard work, we hit up Olive Garden with Justin's parents so we could use one of our many gift cards from the wedding, then frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon (graham cracker with marshmallow topping. Sounds gross, but I'm obsessed), and then we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie.

Sunday we slept in, made waffles and hot chocolate for breakfast, slept some more, and went to Justin's parent's house for dinner, then my parent's house for a visit. We left both houses with heaping plates of brownies and cookies. Our moms take such good care of us :)

Then we started out today with some Kneader's french toast and shopping in Park City (I heart Jcrew's Memorial Day sale...) 
and we ended it with a BBQ with my fam, and some Bachelorette. 

This weekend has been so so nice, and exactly what we both needed. Now that we're all caught up on our sleep and filled to the brim with good food, we're ready to face a new week. Good thing we have sushi with Ashley and Ben tomorrow :) Hopefully they'll bring this little guy...I can't get enough of him.

On a side note, I finally got my car! It only took four months, but I guess that's what we get for choosing the cheap, Argentine labor. Jk, Argentine's are great. But now we have it and love it and it looks so good! Justin is way too good to me. Look how pretty...

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


  1. When I asked Nate if he was coming, he said, "Yesh." So it's in the plans:). Love you!

  2. Wow that is a pretty car!! I love that you guys watch the Bachelorette. We'll have to have a Bachelorette watching party when I'm in town:)

  3. i really like whatever the heck is going on with your hair in that car pic, tis pretty. i also like your car. and you.