The Birthday Boy!

Happy happy birthday to my handsome husband! Yesterday Justin turned the big 2-7. (Yep, you're right, he is almost 30. And no, we're still not having children anytime soon.) We've been celebrating all month long with our families and friends with lots of food and presents. And Justin's fortunate enough to share his birthday month with both of our younger brothers, so he also got to enjoy three different birthday cakes! Lucky guy.

I decided to attempt my very first ice cream cake, and I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. Devil's food cake, Tillamook caramel-toffee-nut ice cream, and chocolate pudding frosting. At least with those ingredients I knew it would taste good if the whole thing fell apart on me. But I'll be honest...I was pretty proud of this baby :)

Justin, being the very practical/cheap man that he is, told me that I wasn't allowed to get him anything that he didn't need, so lucky for me he finally thought of something he both needed and wanted--a grill! We spent about an hour putting this baby together in the dark because Justin was too excited about it to wait until we had some sunlight. And the best part about this gift? He's already made me dinner three times :)

 Last night we celebrated with Justin's friends at Texas Roadhouse--and yes, I made him ride the saddle. He was loving every minute of it.

And now for the mushy part. 27 things that I love about my husband :)

1. His smile and the way he smiles with his whole face...melts my heart.
2. How easily he makes me laugh.
3. What a hard worker he is. He never stops.
4. The fact that he does the laundry and the dishes more often than I do.
5. He tells me that he loves me and that I'm beautiful multiple times a day.
6. How smart he is.
7. How much he loves little kids...he'll be the best daddy someday.
8. He tells me how much he appreciates everything that I do all the time.
9. He lets me get away with doing zero yard work, even though he's always telling me that it's both of our jobs.
10. He always lets me order whatever I want when we share a meal because of how picky I am. 
11. He never says anything to me when my half of the bedroom (and the entire bathroom, and the kitchen) is a complete mess and his is spot-free. I never realized how messy I am until I got married.
12. The fact that he's so good with our money, yet still spoils me like crazy.
13. How much he loves both of our families, and puts up with me wanting to spend so much of our time with them.
14. How he gets ready in the dark every single morning so he doesn't wake me up.
15. How he kisses me on the forehead and calls me "sweetheart" before he leaves for work. 
16. How he still opens the door for me everywhere we go.
17. How he holds my hand in the car.
18. The fact that he is such a handyman. That boy can fix anything. Blows my mind.
19. He let me turn his bachelor pad house into our home.
20. His love of the gospel and his strong testimony. 
21. That he'll sleep with an eye mask on so that I can do homework in our room instead of sitting out in the kitchen by myself at night. 
22. How outgoing he is. It makes up for my shyness. He completes me :)
23. How patient he is with me. I get so upset so easily, and he just hugs and loves me until I'm over it.
24. How touchy he is. I've never been one to hug and cuddle more than is necessary, but he's quickly converting me. 
25. How he takes such good care of me. 
26. What a good person he is.
27. How much he loves me, and I love him. 

Happy birthday Justin! I love you so so much and honestly could not ask for more out of a husband. I am one lucky girl.


  1. Aren't you guys just adorable!? Lucky Justin. Lucky Livi. You guys are too perfect for each other.

  2. I literally teared up a little bit reading your 27 things...so precious.