Ten beautiful, warm sunny days in Cancun. We spent every single day sleeping in, sitting on the beach, playing in the ocean, and eating lots of yummy food.


Oh how we loved the bus. We rode it everywhere.

A night out on the town...



Valentine's Day dinner...steak and lobster on the Lagoon  :)

And for our last night, we were craving something American. So Hard Rock burgers it was.

Our last day there and of course it was the nicest. Typical. We both thought that after ten days we'd be more than ready to get home, but neither of us wanted to leave. It was such a fun week and a half and it couldn't have been any better.


  1. Fun!!! So jealous I can't stand it. I'm glad you had a fun time. 10 days is pretty long. It's a good sign that you weren't ready to come home yet:)

  2. grrrl! isn't cancun the BEST?! ps did i mention I LOVED your wedding vid! as did Bryan! loves!