This Easter, while my family jetted off to Hawaii for the week, Justin and I got to stay home to work and prepare our talks for church today. Way fun, I know. But this weekend actually turned out to be a lot better than I expected (minus the speaking part of course. I will forever and always hate speaking in church.) 

Friday, we went out to dinner with Justin's parents, his brother Chris and his wife Cami, and my sister Maddie. We went to Francesca's pizza in Taylorsville, which has the greatest garlic cheese pizza in the entire world. Seriously. We spent the night talking and laughing and catching up. I have the best in-laws in the whole world and I love it.

Yesterday Justin and I had our first Saturday together in weeks, since I usually have to work on the weekends, so we celebrated with a little trip to the Gateway for some shopping and lunch. Then we came home to finish writing our talks, and spent the rest of the night watching The King's Speech (loved it) and making these for our Easter dinner at the Reynolds...

Then this morning we got up extra early to finish getting ready for our talks, and we searched for our Easter baskets and gave each other our Easter presents. I got a day at the spa :) Justin's just the greatest. 

And then I got to spend a good amount of time stressing about how nervous I was and how much I hate public speaking. But now it's finally over and we will hopefully be free from anymore talks for a very long time. See how happy we were to be done?

After church we headed over to the Reynolds home for some steak, cookies, and pie. Oh, and Nothing Bundt Cakes from my mom in-law. I love her. 

So, despite the fact that we had to speak in church, I would say that overall our first Easter together as a married couple has been a successful one. Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. Love it! You are so beautiful Olivia and I love reading. Sorry you had to speak..Im the same way.... NOT FUN. Hope your loving married life!

  2. You two are seriously so stinkin cute!!!! I am sure you did a fantastic job speaking. It is always the best feeling once it is over with.

  3. You guys are so nice :) Thanks for understanding my pain. And Janessa...I had no idea you two have a blog! I love it.