Sunday Boredom.

Usually I'm all about Sundays. There's nothing I love more than sleeping in, going to church, getting a nice nap in, and lazying around in my sweats all day. But today wasn't just a regular Sunday. Today...was the Master's.

Justin and I are pretty similar people. We both generally like all the same music, we often match when we get dressed up go out, and we both would take a McDonald's double cheeseburger over a fancy meal. But when it comes to sports, we clash. I was raised as a football/basketball kinda girl, whereas Justin prefers baseball and golf. Both of which usually bore me to tears. So what do the Master's mean to me? It means I get to sulk around the house all day complaining about how bored I am, while my husband continues to do this...

So far I've accomplished cleaning the house, folding the laundry, catching up on all my favorite blogs, shopped online for some new Summer clothes, spent a considerable amount of time on YouTube, and I made these...

And now I've also managed to do my fair share of complaining. Thanks for listening everyone, and I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday.


  1. You are a nerd. but I want one of your cinnamon rolls. (And Ben does, too).

  2. haha, love the post! that's funny, cause Rob's all about watching golf too. I think DOING golf can be fun, but what's fun about watching it??