World, meet Crew.

Yesterday we welcomed this sweet little boy into our home, and ever since Justin and I have been like giddy little schools girls. Neither of us can get enough of him! We've been searching for about a year now for the perfect dog, and I can honestly say that it was worth the wait (but don't tell Justin that I said that.) We came close to buying a few different ones, but I'm glad the hubs forced me to be patient and not settle. This boy honestly could not be more perfect.

He was born May 10th, weighs about 4 pounds, and has the sweetest little face you've ever seen. 

He slept through the night in his kennel, goes potty on the lawn, and wants to do nothing besides cuddle up in your lap and lick your face.

His only flaw as of now is that he likes to chew on just about everything besides his food, but we're working on that. 

And he survived his first bath tonight, without completely hating us by the end of it.

We're completely in love over here, and could not be happier.
Welcome to our home, baby Crew!

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  1. Sorry this is so random, and I have no idea how I just came across your blog, but your dog is SO cute! My husband and I are also looking for the perfect dog right now!! What kind of dog is this?! I love his color! Again, sorry this is so random! --Brie