As of two days ago I am officially a college grad…and it’s blowing my mind. I’ve been counting down the days to this day for the last four years of my life, and now that it’s here I can’t decide if I want to jump for joy or sit down and cry. I’ve always loved school and BYU in particular, but once I got married and started working it became more of a hassle than anything else. For the past two years I’ve spent my time going to class in the morning, going to work during the day, and then heading home for homework and studying at night—with the occasional night class thrown in here and there. Not fun, and I don’t recommend it to anyone. (Also, as a quick side note—online classes are of the devil and you WILL put them off until the last week possible. DON’T DO IT.) 

These last couple of years have been hard, and I’m so glad that from now on I’ll be able to go home at night and do what I want. I’m going to read a book just for fun! But at the same time they have been so rewarding. Not only have I been able to continue studying what I’ve always loved, but I’ve also found a job in the finance world where I’m excelling and learning new things every single day. And no matter how many times I hear that an English degree is pointless and I can’t do anything with it, I will forever tell you that you’re wrong and go on thinking that I’m smarter than you. 

Once upon a time, during my freshman year of high school, I promised my parents that I would never go to BYU and that I wanted to move far, far away to a school where I could experience the “real world.” That was during the phase of my life where my parents were always wrong and I knew everything. Then by the time my junior year rolled around, BYU was the only school I even applied for. Stupid? Or confident? Either way, I ended up getting in and absolutely loving it. I had so much fun living in the dorms my freshman year, I loved almost every single one of my professors, and my semester abroad in London was one of the greatest times of my life. My major was the absolute best, and as much as I’m SO DONE with writing essays, I love that the majority of my homework was reading books and poems from authors that I love. And I’ll admit it—I have a love/hate relationship with my religion classes. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed complaining about how difficult they were (I feel like marriage prep for someone already married should have resulted in an A?) I still feel like I learned so much about my religion than I’ve ever learned outside of school. So kudos to you, Brigham Young. 

So as glad as I am that I’m done, I’m also partially heartbroken. I’ve always teased my dad for giving us the regular tour-down-memory-lane every single time we’re in Provo, but I’m sure that as soon as I have teenagers I’ll be doing the same thing—pointing out all the spots that were important to me, telling them who I kissed where (JK, JK, I've only ever kissed Justin…)  And they’ll be sitting in the back seat rolling their eyes and complaining about how hungry they are. (Sorry dad, I love you.) The hardest part for me is that my list of life’s achievements up until this point is officially complete—I’ve graduated from high school, traveled to Europe, gotten married, graduated from college, and I have a job. Now what am I supposed to do? I need an entirely new bucket list. (I know, I know. BABIES! Don’t say it.) I’m slightly terrified that I don’t have any major plans ahead of me that I’m working towards, or projects to keep me busy when I get home from work. I’m currently taking suggestions for a new hobby—excluding working out. 

Basically what I’m trying to say with this extremely long rant is that I’m so, so happy to be done with school and that I absolutely loved BYU and I’m sad that phase of my life is over. But I’m glad for the things that I learned and the experiences I had there. Also, thanks mom and dad for pushing me in school and funding a large majority of it, and thanks to my sweet husband for being patient with me and not letting me quit when I wanted to. I promise you’ll now get home cooked meals more often than you used to. Promise. 

And now, a list of goodbyes to the things I'll miss the most. 

Goodbye to the vending machines that accepted my student ID card as payment, packed full with my parents money from freshman year.

Goodbye to the PDA-ers so willingly displaying their love on every single hill, bench, and somewhat shaded area. 

Goodbye to the bell tower playing my favorite hymns/the Harry Potter theme song as I walk from class to my car. Made my day, everyday. 

Goodbye all you Fight-Song-Singers at sporting events, always so willing to thrust your fists enthusiastically into the air.

Goodbye to my favorite "Better Than Whatever" cupcakes at the Cocoa Bean, because we don't say the "sex" word in Provo. 

Goodbye to the Cheesy Gordita Crunches at the Taco Bell in the Wilk, because that was the only Taco Bell I ever trusted eating at. 

Goodbye, Campus. I'll miss your pretty flowers in the Spring and the way you made your employees go ALL OUT for Christmas, even though it was only up for two weeks. It's so frivolous, and I love it. 

Goodbye all you BYU girls glaring at me as I walk across said campus in my leggings, because "leggings are not pants!"

Goodbye to all of my English professors and the way you so fervently fought for the legitimacy of our major. 

And goodbye to all my sweet friends who made it all that much more enjoyable. I love you all, and if you ever need a place to stay in Sandy there's a sectional with your name on it. 

Go Cougars!


  1. Olivia I never read blogs but for some reason I clicked on yours and read the whole thing. Congrats on getting your degree! That is a great accomplishment. You even made me feel a little bit nostalgic. BYU really is a great school and I have fond memories, especially memories of hanging with your hubby.

    Being done with school is a great thing and you only have bright things in your future. Marcie and I think you guys are the best! Congrats again on your degree and for all your success. You deserve it!

  2. You have the cutest blog and the prettiest pictures! Your new hobby should be writing blog posts, so my hobby can be reading them. Congrats on graduating!!

  3. CONGRATS LIV! yep, online classes are the worst! full of busy work that you wait until last minute to do. i've always wanted to go to byu just for the religious element. i feel like i missed out big time on that because i went to the U. bahhaha "we don't say the word sex in provo"... dyyying!